Private, protected and public in Python

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A lot of folks learn object-oriented programming with languages like C++ and Java. And while they learn, they’re told repeatedly (over and over again), that encapsulation is one of the key principles of object-oriented paradigm and that they should take advantage of it. Sure, until you get down with Python :-).

In C++ and Java, things are pretty straight-forward. There are 3 magical and easy to remember access modifiers, that will do the job (public, protected and private). But there’s no such a thing in Python. That might be a little confusing at first, but it’s possible too. We’ll have look at how do it right in Python.

Python doesn’t have any mechanisms, that would effectively restrict you from accessing a variable or calling a member method. All of this is a matter of culture and convention.


All member variables and methods are public by default in Python…

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