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I never worked with MongoDB from Python, but there is a general solution for your problem. Here is a MongoDB shell script for obtaining single random document:

N = db.collection.count(condition)

condition here is a MongoDB query. If you want to query an entire collection, use query = null.

It’s a general solution, so it works with any MongoDB driver.


I ran a benchmark to test several implementations. First, I created test collection with 5567249 documents with indexed random field rnd.

I chose three methods to compare with each other:

First method:


Second method:


Third method:


I ran each method 10 times and got its average computing time:

method 1:882.1 msec
method 2:1.2 msec
method 3:0.6 msec

This benchmark shows that my solution not the fastest one.

But the third solution is not a good one either, because it finds the first element in database (sorted innatural order) with rnd > random(). So, its output not truly random.

I think that second method is the best one for frequent usage. But it has one defect: it requires altering the whole database and ensuring additional index.

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